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Scenic Points in Auckland Central

Auckland is our only Million City in New Zealand. With a population of over 1.5 million (roughly 1/3 of our people resides in here), it is by far the biggest and most advanced city in Aotearoa. Now, while you are probably not going to be impressed by the size, population, or skyscrapers in here in comparison to many major cities in the world such as London, Shanghai, and New York, you will certainly be fascinated by many other factors in Auckland.

Central Auckland is the hub of urban delight set against amazing coastal scenery. Once indulged in the dazzling environment and activities it offers, it is not hard to see how it is regarded as one of the most livable and the most beautiful cities around the world. In this blog, we will introduce some of the famous, as well as hidden, scenic locations you must not miss in this Central Auckland.

Popular Scenic Points

The Sky Tower

The most iconic landmark in Auckland is inarguably the Sky Tower which stands at 328m in height, the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, and is situated right at the heart of Auckland CBD. The Main Observatory area is located on Level 51, at 186m above the street, and offers panoramic 360° views up to 80km in every direction. The highest public observation point is Sky Deck viewing platform which offers even better clearance above the crowds: located on Level 60; at the height of 220m with virtually seamless glass. Currently, the Seasonal Special Discount is available until 30 September 2019 for those who book online, saving 20% on Single Entry ticket to observatories – just enter WINTER2019 when purchasing online. There are many activities and restaurants for you to enjoy in the Sky Tower and the Sky City as well, which we will go through in later date in this blog.

Auckland Waterfront/Westhaven Marina

Auckland Waterfront is a calm yet vibrant, very popular tourist destination situated within walking distance from the busiest street in New Zealand, Queen Street. It is widely recognised for its outstanding designs and architectures, fantastic quality of natural environment, and recreational opportunities. Westhaven is slightly further from the Central. It is the biggest marina in the Southern Hemisphere, and is home to over 2000 boats including private yachts and launches, of all shapes and sizes. Walking alongside of these boats, you will see another landmark of Auckland: Auckland Harbour Bridge. This bridge and the marina is also part of a course for renowned Auckland Marathon – held once a year around October/November which brings thousands of running enthusiasts to this city.

Sulphur Beach Road

Now, this is a true hidden gem that you probably haven’t found on internet yet. It is not in a walking distance nor within Auckland CBD, however, since the view of Auckland CBD from here is dazzling, I will include in this blog. This narrow road is located on the other side of the Harbour Bride; in the residential area of North Shore, and you need a car to get there. It is a road with NO EXIT leading towards the dark, underside of the Harbour Bridge, and to the sea. Once going under the bridge, you will come to a small pier with a few parking spots. This pier presents you an amazing view of whole Auckland Harbour and Auckland CBD without anything blocking the sight, just Auckland and the sea. Many beautiful photos were taken from this spot, including the one by Samuel Ferrara. This is very secluded place, which makes it the perfect spot for you to enjoy romantic view without getting disturbed.

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