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Looking for a Car Rental at Auckland Airport? Book with Great Rentals

Are you planning to book a car rental at Auckland Airport for an upcoming trip? Although new methods of transportation are trending lately, such as ridesharing, cheap car rental at Auckland Airport in New Zealand still reigns. If you are planning a journey that will take you to multiple cities or multiple destinations in one city, car rental is the way to go. At Great Rentals, it’s our job to make your travels as easy and convenient as possible.

Benefits of Competitively Priced Car Rental at Auckland Airport

In an age where everything is digital and new technologies are popping up all the time, car rental companies are more popular than ever. Here are a few of the top reasons why.

  • It saves you money. A cheap car rental at Auckland Domestic Airport can cost considerably less than using taxis or ridesharing services every time you need to go somewhere. If you’ll be travelling from place to place rather than spending most of your time in one spot, then car rental is an ideal solution.
  • It gives you the freedom to explore. If you’re in town on holiday or will have some free time on a business trip, you may want to go for a drive just to explore the area. Having a rental car at your fingertips gives you the freedom to do this whenever you want. Visit new places, change courses at will and see a lot of things in a short period of time with a rental car.
  • Choose the size and type of car you need. When you rent a car, you can select the one that will suit your needs best. If you’re travelling alone, for example, you might be fine with a small economy car. On the other hand, if you’re travelling with your family or a group of friends or colleagues, you can choose a vehicle that offers plenty of room to keep everyone comfortable, such as a van or SUV.

Tips Regarding Cheap Airport Car Rentals

Cheap car rentals at Auckland International Airport are a highly convenient way to travel. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid to get the most out of your experience. Here are a few tips to help ensure a happy trip.

  • Do your insurance homework. You don’t need to buy every insurance option your car rental company offers. When you rent from Great Rentals, you’ll receive free basic car rental insurance as well as optional, affordable extra coverage. Find out what you really need – it may not be very much.
  • Pay for your rental in New Zealand dollars. Even if you’re coming from overseas and you have the option of paying in your native currency, using the local currency can help you avoid extra fees known as Dynamic Conversion Fees.
  • Inspect your vehicle before driving it away. Be sure to look your car over thoroughly and document every scratch, dent or other damage. At Great Rentals, we perform a safety check on every vehicle before renting it out to ensure that you are as protected as possible and that you don’t get blamed for damage you didn’t cause.

About Great Rentals

Great Rentals offers quality car rentals at highly competitive prices. We also focus on providing excellent customer service, including shuttle service from the airport to our car yard. We make it easy to book and change rental times as well. Make your trip as fun and stress-free as possible by having your own transportation available throughout your stay. We can accommodate both domestic and international travellers. Contact Great Rentals with any questions or to book your rental.



I chose you guys for the amazing price. The car I hired was slightly older, but it was clean and tidy when I picked it up. The process was simple and easy which I really liked.  – H.Y.


We were very happy with their service. Quick and efficient flow from airport to shuttle bus, and shuttle bus to our rental car, then off we went on a nice SUV! Dropping off was as simple and hassle free. Strongly recommended. – K.D


Overall Excellence. Needed a cheap get-around car for my 2 day visit to friends up in Auckland. To my surprise, the car was actually really nice for the price. I will be sure to drive your car again in the Next trip up. – B.S


Friendly, Efficient, Professional. Have been hiring their cars every time I travel to Auckland, and the experience has always been pleasant. – A.T 

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At Great Rentals we know how important the little things are, we are not just here to organise your car rental in New Zealand.

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At Great Rentals we know how important the little things are, we are not just here to organise your car rental in New Zealand.

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